List of Committees and Members

Standing Committees
Audit Committee: Becky, Jerry
Budget Committee: Becky, Jerry, and Art
Finance and Investment Committee: Jeff, Jerry, Sarah Maine, Art, and Whitney
Governance Committee: Cathy, Eugenie, and Jeff
Executive Committee: Cathy, Eugenie, Art, and Jeff
Continuity/Trustee Succession: Becky, Cathy, Eugenie, and Jerry
Ruth Launders Annual Legacy Grant: Eugenie, Becky, Whitney, Art, Alysson, Jack Fehrs, and Catherine McEvoy

Ad Hoc Committees
Grants for Emergency and Disaster Relief: Eugenie and Becky
Legal Compensation: Jerry, Becky and Cathy (ex-officio)
Search for an Executive Director: Becky, Eugenie, Cathy and Jeff
Forms and Facilitation: Cathy, Jeff, Eugenie, Becky, Whitney, Valerie
Facilitation Subcommittee: Becky, Jeff, Whitney Webb
Forms Subcommittee: Cathy, Eugenie, Valerie Maine
Jack Webb Memorial Grant: Eugenie, Whitney, Brandon, Nancy Webb (ex-officio), and Jeff (ex-officio)
Strategic Planning Committee: Becky, Cathy, Eugenie, Art, and Valerie Maine