Our History Timeline


Death of Hal Launders

Hal Launders dies having finalized a multi-year estate planning exercise just 5 weeks before his death. He leaves his wife Ruth as his only heir and an estate, excluding real property, worth around $10 million. 


Death of Ruth Launders

Ruth Launders dies in May 2001. Her estate is left in the hands of 7 trustees.


Arrowbrook Centre

Arrowhead Farm is approved for a mixed-use community named Arrowbrook Centre containing more than 2 million square feet of potential development.


Ruth and Hal Launders Charitable Trust is Formed

The Ruth and Hal Launders Charitable Trust comes into existence funded in large part with the rezoned Arrowhead Farm.


Philanthropic Funds 

RHLCT sells over half its land for over $45 million. This sale provides the capital to finance the various philanthropic activities of the Trust.


RHLCT Reaquires Land

RHLCT reaquires the land that it sold in 2007. The reunification of Arrowbrook Centre allows the Trust to make changes to the development plan. The value derived from this land will determine the charitable footprint and the impact of the Trust.


Residential Development

Residential development begins culminating in over 500 households by 2023 with street level retail.